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Wave Attenuator Systems and Solutions

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Wave & Wake Barriers

Protection for Docks, Lifts, and Boarding. Eliminate Chop from Heavy Boat Traffic.

Residential Harbors

Create calm water-in-wave conditions. Promotes Safe boating in all conditions.

Erosion Control

Perpendicular structures; jetty, groin, or pier. Parallel structures; offshore breakwaters.

Beach Stabilization

Create offshore shoals to slow wave energy. Slow sand migration and build beach mass.

Marina Breakwaters

Eliminate wake and chop from mooring area. Eliminate repair costs from storm driven waves.

Marine Habitat

Creates a fish hotel for the area, does not impede littoral drift. Supportive of the surrounding environment.

Wavebrake is the ultimate solution in wave attenuation, mitigation and shoreline control.

Various crude offshore systems utilizing tires, concrete pontoons and other modular designs have been introduced for purposes of erosion control and wave energy extraction, all limited in their effectiveness. Wavebreak's site-specific custom engineered wave attenuator is a one of a kind floating system. The main Modules are structured with multiple recesses that channel flowing water, effectively and significantly reducing the impact of wind and wave energy, without any rebound energy or negative environmental impact.

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Site-Specific Custom Engineered Wavebrake System Sizes and Configurations

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Differing sizing and configurations for different problems

Wavebrake wave attenuator is configurable in many different sizes and strengths to effectively address your site specific conditions and issues.

Protect your docks, lifts, and marine wildlife.

Explore our product PDF below to see how the Wavebrake attenuator system can work for you.